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The Ultimate Hand Pallet Wrapping System


The film is designed exclusively for the PrecisionrapXL dispenser. This environmentally friendly coreless hand film is a lightweight, high performance film that has been prestretched to optimize pallet coverage with maximum stability.  


Pre-stretched:  Same (or better) load stability with less product, less physical energy and greater control.
Coreless:  Eliminates paperboard core, film is 100% recyclable.
High Performance Cast Film:  Quieter application than blown film options.
One Side Cling (OSC):  Prevent pallets from sticking together. 
Optimal Load Containment:  Containment force is appropriate without wasting film.
Quick Start Pull Tab:  Allows for faster dispenser loading.
No Edge Damage:  Unlike traditional rolls, it is almost impossible to damage the roll edge (no wasted rolls).

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Lower Torque Requirements:  Allow users to walk forward instead of backward during application - making for safer and easier control.

Significantly reduces employee fatigue and back pain.

Eliminates hand injury risk resulting from "hot hands".

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Seedling wrap is used with Reforestation Nurseries to combine seedlings that are ready for planting into bundles, ready for the planting crews.

Secure Pak also carries an environmentally friendly (biodegradable) seedling wrap which is bulk packed to help reduce overall packaging waste and lower shipping costs. 


These films are designed for fast and efficient wrapping of seedlings at the nursery.

The film will work well on the bare root applications where moisture and keeping the soil on the roots are important requirements.

The biodegradable formula significantly reduces the risk of film left behind in a planting area causing harm to wildlife. 




Air-Flow pallet wrap is a premium quality stretch film designed to provide maximum ventilation. It can be stretched up to 250% using existing pre-stretch equipment.  This wrap combines the advantages of stretch netting with the performance of LLDPE pallet wrap.  Air-Flow is offered in both standard and premium formats and is available in machine length and hand wrap rolls for manual application.



Banding film is a hand film that comes in narrow widths that are typically used for applications where the product being wrapped is not on a skid.  It can be used to secure small orders such as several boxes to ship together, but can be used in many other applications such as: furniture packaging, in the moving industry or combining single units of a product together off a manufacturing line.
​Coreless banding film is available and there is also a pre-stretched version as well as colour options. 



Coloured stretch film / hand wrap is a great alternative for load containment and it offers some unique and effective value added benefits that give it a leg up on conventional clear films.  Available in both opaque (Identi-film) and tinted (Securi-wrap) coloured formats and is offered in machine, hand and banding film roll formats.

Colours:  Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Black and White (other colours are also available)



R3 Pre-Stretched Film

Your company will benefit from eco-conscious designs with lower cost per pallet.  R3 films are available in R3-I (LITE), R3-II (FORT) and R3-III (FORT PLUS), ensuring your company has the correct product for the intended application. This product has been pre-stretched to optimize pallet coverage with maximum stability.  The operator will benefit from the light weight design, never needing to physically over-exert themselves with dispensing.

Coreless:  Be an eco-conscious consumer with R3 Coreless.  Reduce by having no core or box. Re-use your dispenser over and over again.  R3 Coreless is 100% recyclable.  R3 Coreless will deliver your business with the lowest cost per pallet.

Extended Core:  R3 Extended is created with an extended paperboard core handgrip for superior handling.  R3 Extended is 100% recyclable.  Rolls are delivered in a bulk pallet which reduces cardboard use and cost.



Pallet Machine Film

Pallet machine film is designed to run on various pallet wrap machines.  Wrapping with a machine is high speed and eliminates most of the human effort.  This type of application is often used where a large volume of skids can easily be moved to a common area, either on a manufacturing line or 

warehouse environment.

Performxl Machine Film

This film is layered and has cling on one side to seal and no cling on the outside to minimize damage if the skids rub.  This film has a 300% pre-stretch capability, ideal for machines with a pre-stretch carriage.

Pre-stretched Machine Film

This film is pre-stretched in the factory using a similar process to pre-stretched hand film.  The result is lower cost and excellent load retention when using a more basic machine that does not have a pre-stretch carriage.



Printed Film

A simple effective way to create brand & pallet visibility and awareness as they move through the supply chain.
Using a premium quality 80 gauge cast film and four colour printing technology, you can not only deliver your products safely to their destination but you can provide your customers with a low cost form of advertising and brand reinforcement.


Makes handling requirements highly visible 


Low cost advertising to improve product / company branding and load appearance  

Reduces the risks of pilferage and tampering in storage or transit  

Reduces incidences of carrier misplacements or lost shipments